Resource Partner

Services On-demand

Recovery Network’s approach to reducing readmissions is to help carry the patient to the next care provider location. This is done within the mobile delivery by including a list of services case management has traditionally provided along with the discharge paperwork. The difference is significant because the patient has the service needed at discharge on their phone, with one-touch dialing and mapped GPS to those services.

Patient Menu Options

A patient and/or family member can also access patient education at will to learn more about diagnoses, procedures, facility services, physician-related education, hospital-related services, and patient entertainment services (if engaged). Using the pillow speaker remote tethered to their bed, a patient selects the menu button in the center of their remote and the menu appears on their television. The patient uses the up, down, and select navigation on their remote to complete their viewing preferences.

A Bridge for Other Patient Education Providers

The Television Distribution Utility is the bridge between the patient in-room television and video education sent from StayWell, Milner-Fenwick, EpicCare and other patient education providers through the EMR patient chart. Once clinical staff initiates patient education to a patient, the Recovery Network server sends the appropriate video education to the room associated with the patient. A patient viewing report is available at all times by the user, which indicates viewer response. Within the patient chart a user can also send education to a patient’s phone, simultaneously indicating the additional delivery option. The mobile option is also perfect for outpatients and facilities in transition to or that have limited numbers of Smart TVs.

The ecosystem of recovery is most impacted when the provider begins communication prior to a patient’s visit and extends value after the patient leaves. In addition to enhancing communications and clinical awareness inside a hospital, this system also includes referring physicians and an electronic list of available resources after discharge.

Equipping these Physicians with a more strategic mission for effective messaging will create a more responsive Patient. Distributing the center of responsibility from a historically passive Patient, mobile communications encourage Patients to take initiative in their recovery. The newfound partnership will positively impact outcomes and improve Patient-Provider-Physician interactions. This will directly lower costs and strengthen these relationships and improve loyalty and brand identification, which will also drive retention and new Patient growth for the Hospital and/or Hospital Group.

Learning Benefits
  • Patient involvement engaged Before the Visit to the hospital helps acquaint them with the facility and processes ahead of time to improve efficiency, care coordination, and limit falls and other liability risks typically associated with new patients.
  • Build Trust and Loyalty with patient through communications to let them know the hospital is thinking about them all the way through their recovery and afterward.
  • Spiritual Care is facilitated through chaplain prayers, chapel services, staff encouragement and recovery stories that convey hope, offering peace of mind and reducing stress while in the moment.
  • Seeing Physicians’ and Nurses’ faces and hearing their voices before they engage is a powerful, positive force and improves connectedness with the hospital.

Not a Separate Fee

All services are provided and grouped into two categories of monthly service fees for billing; mobile or broadcast. See pricing page for more information.

Video Explanation Slideshow

A video explanation of how the patient education platform works, what education we provide, and why we are different than other providers can be viewed by request. Contact us today.

Mobile Overview for Admitting Staff

How to use the service for in-patients and out-patients.

Who We Are

How the broadcast system adds communication to everything you do.

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