Patient Entertainment

Secure Patient Entertainment Portal

A patient and or family member can access their personal online video accounts like Netflix, Hulu, and others through a secure patient entertainment portal. Using the pillow speaker remote tethered to their bed, a patient selects the menu button in the center of their remote and the menu appears on their television. The patient uses the up, down, and select navigation to select online provider. The viewer enters their user name and password for their viewing selection.

Not a Separate Fee

All services are provided and grouped into two categories of monthly service fees for billing; mobile or broadcast. See pricing page for more information.

Video Explanation Slideshow

A video explanation of how the patient education platform works, what education we provide, and why we are different than other providers can be viewed by request. Contact us today.

Mobile Overview for Admitting Staff

How to use the service for in-patients and out-patients.

Who We Are

How the broadcast system adds communication to everything you do.

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