Broadcast Platform

Private Broadcast

The IPTV system is distributed to all televisions with a network connection. The platform is billed by number of active rooms that have televisions accessed by a pillow speaker remote. All other television distribution, including waiting rooms, cafeterias, and break rooms, is complimentary. A hospital can choose to add their own hospital channel by replacing an undesirable cable channel in their channel lineup. The channel is programmed to engage at startup, providing a hospital brand logo, or animated logo and videos chosen by the hospital. The hospital channel is a looped video on the Recovery Network server that communicates/distributes directly to an individual channel input located at the cable headend.

Visual Learning

It is important to understand the ever-increasing demand in electronic communications and messaging to impact care and outcomes for patients. The introduction of smart phones, tablets and high-definition programming into consumer markets has forced a transition in patient communication approaches. Reading brochures and hunting and pecking to find outdated videos on older televisions to watch for their diagnosis and recovery plan is old school to patients. The 2013 Pew Internet and American Life Project reported that 80 percent of internet users — 93 million Americans — now go to the internet for information on medical issues. Regrettably, much of what they find online is inaccurate, misleading, or even dangerous. The transformation in communication method is underway at light speed and it is critical for providers to understand the opportunity they have to harness the power and leverage of a mobile and broadcast delivery to provide accurate and supportive patient interaction.

Those who lead the change and innovate will continue to:

  • Create better and more impactful Patient Outcomes
  • Create a more sustainable brand identity with the Patient and Family
  • Improve and positively impact downward Patient Re-Admissions to reduce costs
  • Use this private broadcast platform to build a stronger ecosystem between the Patient, the Provider and Physician
  • Improve Patient retention and build referrals from Patients to family members and friends

This private broadcast platform provides the opportunity to create a Patient-Provider-Physician ecosystem that is centered on making communication and messaging a valuable part of the overall experience. The focus on delivering custom video messaging to the patient and family audiences is foundational for retention and loyalty enrichment. These consumers will be best-served, better-engaged, and acquired and retained at the lowest cost, something difficult to measure with traditional marketing efforts and expense.

Not a Separate Fee

All services are provided and grouped into two categories of monthly service fees for billing; mobile or broadcast. See pricing page for more information.

Video Explanation Slideshow

A video explanation of how the patient education platform works, what education we provide, and why we are different than other providers can be viewed by request. Contact us today.

Mobile Overview for Admitting Staff

How to use the service for in-patients and out-patients.

Who We Are

How the broadcast system adds communication to everything you do.

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