Our Objectives

Education With Delivery

Education without the proper distribution will not be utilized, so the platform is included. Recovery Network & Broadcast Systems distributes education, communications and entertainment with each hospital's unique blend of knowledge, values and services.

For Hospitals

With the ever-increasing demand in electronic communications and messaging to impact care and outcomes for patients, the use of smart phones, tablets and high-definition programming within hospital walls is inevitable. It is our objective to help accommodate this change and assist in the equipment migration through a seamless and complete broadcast and mobile delivery that literally pays for itself.

For Patients

Recovery Network enables a hospital to become a visual and accessible learning resource, providing the most accurate clinical education, practical facility-awareness videos, and recovery resources. We are a contributor in the healing equation during a patient's healthcare and recovery journey.

For Staff

Separate from your Intranet, the system supports your business objectives and helps improve patient satisfaction through becoming a staff mentoring bridge for improving service standards, sharing employee recognitions, and enhancing communications.

Education & Delivery

Education without delivery sits on the shelf