We help you connect to patients
to enhance patient satisfaction
and improve recovery.

It's Your Network

We brand you not ourselves and create facility-specific content that makes the network your own.


We help you connect to your staff to boost and support their efforts toward patients and complience.


Engaging Patients and Staff

Considering today's patient communication methods and viewing habits, supplying additional interactive in-room television and mobile communications is a real plus for your existing efforts. In the midst of trauma, patients gravitate to the TV and their mobile device to bring a connection to their daily life and is where foundational recovery education can take place. Communication is accessible before, during, and after their stay at your hospital.

The same could be said about your staff when it comes to communications, connecting in with them in break rooms and on their mobile phone is more prominent and can be accessed at their convenience to support values integration, staff recognition, and more.

Broadcast and mobile connectivity engage the viewer to contribute time toward nonclinical efforts and distributes standardized learning for hospital continuity and branding.

Growth from Within

Revolutionary Services

Creating Patient Satisfaction Through Knowledge and Resources

Patient Board

The patient board is automated from the patient chart and keeps care information current for patients.

Patient Entertainment

A secure Patient Entertainment portal provides access to personal accounts.

Patient Education

Accurate clinical education can be assigned or accessed on-demand by the patient.

Watch Videos and Webcasts

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